About Us

Magnetic jewelry is our passion. This passion is born out of a personal sound sleep experience with these Magnetic Jewelry. It is a wonder how effective this jewelry can be for a stress-free positive life along with looking so trendy and beautiful.
We have nearly about 400 varieties of magnetic jewelry. We buy large quantities as much as 1000’s each model. Hence we offer at a much lower affordable price. Make use of this deal to get items with a steep discount.
We just don’t resell. Every piece is custom-designed to satisfy our high standards of effectiveness,  aesthetic,  value, and customer choice. For example, we have 12 magnets or 12 bio magnets option to copper magnetic bangle.
All our magnets are 5000 Gauss to maximize the therapeutic effectiveness as against other brands who sell only 3000 Gauss magnets.  
Availability of 7in1/5in1/4in1 bio magnets with our link bracelet of green jade and other additional elements is quite unique to our brand and is quite a rarity hardly found elsewhere 

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