4in1 12 Bio Bio Copper Magnetic Bracelet Bangle Men Jesus Cross Ring Black



Unique and exclusive design Jesus magnetic bracelet bangle and only available with us. Solid 15 mm wide and 7.5″ length with 12 bio magnets. It is with black top finish and vintage copper finish in the bottom. Optional Jesus ring has 4 magnets.

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Features :

    • Cross Solid Copper Magnetic Bracelet Bangle with black finish.
    • Height 15 mm. Length : 7.5″.  Weight : 1.6 oz
    • Stamped Vishachi & Solid Copper Cuff for authenticity.
    • Lifetime lasting rare earth Neodymium Magnets with each magnet is 3000 Gauss strength.
    • Solid & pure copper with 6 neodymium magnets and 6 bio magnets. Please scroll down to see benefits of colored bio magnets.
    • Optional ring is made from pure & solid copper with 4 magnets. Each magnet is 3000 Gauss.
    • One size fits all design.
    • 1 bangle and or 1 ring.

    This bangle is guaranteed pure copper. All our jewelries are anti tarnish treated and retain luster and beauty over time. All our bracelets have north pole touching the skin for maximum therapy.


Ring Option

Ring Not Inlcuded, Ring Included