Copper Magnetic Ring Shiny 4 Mags Roman Design CX28



  1. Copper Magnetic Ring For Arthritis. Roman Design.
  2. Pure & Solid Copper.
  3. 4 magnets, 3000 Gauss each.
  4. Size 8. Adjustable to size 7-9.
  5. Max therapy with 4 magnets.


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copper magnetic ring for arthritis,  Shiny copper finish with 4 magnets of 3000 Gauss each magnet. Beautiful & top quality.

This ring consists of 4 magnets.

This ring is suitable for finger size 7-9 and is adjustable.

This ring is a guaranteed pure copper. All our jewelries are anti tarnish treated and retain luster and beauty over time. All our bracelets have north pole touching the skin for maximum therapy.

Weight 4 oz


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