5000 Gauss Double Mag Copper Magnetic Bracelet Jesus Cross Vishachi



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Magnetic Bracelet, excellent, vintage finish Christian cross armor solid copper all magnet version with powerful double magnet in each link with 5000 Gauss each magnets. Perfect way to get maximum therapy with double magnets of 5000 Gauss each and with solid copper. Each magnet is protected with glue as not to fall over the time.

Features :

  1. Branded Cu+Bio and Copper Stamping for authenticity.
  2. Pure & Solid Copper magnetic bracelet.
  3. 5000 Gauss powerful magnets.
  4.  Length: 8.5″  Width: 1/2″  (3/4″ is the cross)  Weight: 2.2 oz
  5. Adjuster included.

Get max therapy with pure copper. This is a pure copper with 5000 Gauss magnets and will last lifetime. 

This bracelet is guaranteed, pure copper. All our jewelry is anti tarnish treated and retains luster and beauty over time. All our bracelets have a north pole touching the skin for maximum therapy.