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Magnetic Bracelet Anklet made up of pure & solid copper. It is with full neodymium magnets.  Its length is 10.5″ and is enough for an anklet. Length can be adjusted by adding or removing the link.

We have the same design in bracelet and anklet and necklace in our store with bio or full magnets version.

Features :

  1. Pure & Solid Copper magnetic anklet.
  2. Stamped and branded Cu+Bio logo and “Copper”  for copper authenticity.
  3. 32 full lifelasting neodymium magnets.
  4. Length : 10.5″  , Width : 7 mm, Weight : 1.8 Oz.

Get max therapy with pure copper and 32 neodymium magnets.

This bracelet is guaranteed pure & solid copper. All our jewelries are anti tarnish treated and retain luster and beauty over time. All our bracelets have north pole touching the skin for maximum therapy.

Bracelet or Anklet

Anklet, Bracelet

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  1. Randolf Hernandez

    Great bracelet for women.

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