Copper Magnet Bracelets Couple Jesus Cross Men Women Vishachi



Magnet Bracelets for Couple a luxurious bracelet for your goal towards health, Vishachi brand, vintage copper finish for men and women. It is made up of pure & solid Copper. Men bracelet has double row manget and women has a single row magnet.

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Features :

  1. Magnet bracelets for couple for men & women.
  2. Branded Vishachi and Copper Stamping for authenticity.
  3. Pure & Solid Copper.
  4. Men bracelet is with 5000 Gauss powerful magnets. Women bracelet is with single row and 3500 Gauss magnet.
  5. Men : Width : 15 mm. Length : 9″. Weight : 3.0 Oz.
  6. Women : Length : 8.5″  , Width : 12 mm, Weight : 2 Oz.
  7. Ajduster included.

Get max therapy with pure copper. This is a pure copper with 5000 Gauss magnets and will last lifetime.

This bracelet is guaranteed 100% pure solid copper with anti tarnish coating that retains the luster and finish.


Men, Women, Both Men & Women