Advantage Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Copper and magnets have been along since the beginning of time. And for as long as we  have had these two sources of nature, we have also experimented using them on our living system. Surprisingly, we were given optimum results. 
It is notable that the ancient Eastern civilizations have instantiated copper for use as a water purifier. The Ayurvedic tradition of India includes copper vessels being used for storing water. Its antibacterial/ antiviral properties have helped it rise in popularity. This is just its effect on the ecosystem, but what about our system? 
Copper, whether ingested or worn increases Iron levels in the body and skin and regulates the healthy flow of blood. Copper is required for the production of melanin and collagen and aids in the replenishment of outer skin layers. Simply put, it helps us develop and keep our skin glowing. 
So what about ingested vs worn copper you may ask? Ingested copper is measured in milligrams. The body utilizes this over the course of hours. Whereas copper that’s been worn will be effective for as long as its on your skin but in smaller increments. Think of it like heating a bathtub with candles, except the candles are made with endless wax. The skin gradually absorbs the copper through the sweat and gradually instills it in the body. In addition to the benefit it brings, who wouldn’t appreciate the glamorous look it represents worn as a piece of jewelry?
Moving into the second topic of discussion, we have magnets and bio-elements. According to an ancient Chinese relic, the use of the two polar ends of the magnet when placed on the wrist would come together and neutralize the bodies PH  which led to increased blood flow and stability. This magnetic behavior comes from the blood’s iron content.  This would also induce relaxation and bring in more oxygen into your body which according to current global circumstances would benefit all of us. There are purported benefits to having magnets placed on the bracelet that come from its effect on aligning our own magnetic field. 
With magnets, its also important to talk about the significance of bio elements; Germanium, far infra red, and jade/tourmaline. In order to understand this, Lets first take a glance at positive and negative ions Despite the name, positive ions are not always beneficial and negative ions aren’t necessarily downers. Infact, you will need more negative ions than positive in order to keep peace of mind and body. Positive Ions are typically emitted from electronic devices, AKA cellphones, monitors, lights, etc…You may be aware that heavy exposure to these devices can cause unwanted stress! Negative ions are linked to more natural things like nature, waterfalls, rivers, etc.. Negative Ions actually increase the serotonin production in the brain. Germanium and Far infra red work on the body in ways so as to impact the natural production of negative ion in the system.  You might have also heard of pink salt lamps and hot stone therapy. These are very common as they help pull anxiety and depression causing positive ion from the air by expulsion of negative ion leading to increased mood and feelings of positivity! With that same protocol, the negative ions in Germanium and Jade/Tourmaline can help remove toxins from the body. That is, with the notion that they are heated up just enough by the body’s temperature.  
Now this brings us to determining what kind of magnetic jewelry might be the best for you. Copper magnetic jewelry with none other than magnets of different strengths are used to alleviate primarily arthritis and joint pain. Bio element and negative ion therapy can give you the added homeopathic benefits. The best part of both is that they work wherever you go as long as they are latched onto you. 



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