Copper Magnetic Bracelet For Men Women Copper Vishachi



Vintage finish and very attractive magnetic bracelet and made up of 100% pure and solid copper with 4000 Gauss  magnets with a magnet in each possible link. The 4 in 1 combination of bio magnets helps to energize through out the day and pure copper and magnets helps your health.  This is unisex design and for both men and women.

We have the same design with All Magnets & Bio Magnets.

Features :

  1. Magnetic Bracelet For Men Women Pure Solid Copper.
  2. Branded Cu+Bio and Copper Stamping for authenticity.
  3. 4000 Gauss powerful magnets.
  4. Length: 8.5″  Width: 12 mm   Weight: 2.1 Oz.
  5. Twist adjuster is included.

We also have this bracelet in 4 in 1 bio magnet in our store.

Weight4 oz


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