Top 10 Men Magnetic Bangle for 2020

Here we have top 10 Men Magnetic Bangle. These are solid & pure copper. Most are with bio magnet.

1. This is a very popular Samurai Bangle. This is good vintage finish 15 mm most wide bangle for men. We have 12 all magnets or 12 bio magnets with length 7″ & 7.5″.

2.  This is a celtic bangle. Beautiful bangle with 12 bio magnets. We have the same design in vintage copper also.

3.  This bangle is a most widest bangle with a beautiful vintage finish. It is with 15 mm width and has option for 12 all or bio magnets.

4.  This is a beautiful celtic bangle with 12 bio magnets. This is with 12 bio magnets. We have about 6 different design in celtic bangle.

5.  This is a beautiful 3 tone bangle for men. The length is 7.5″ with 12 bio magnets.

6.  This is a kuuipo bangle.  Kuuipo means Sweet Heart in Hawaiian. It has a 12 bio magnets.

7.  This is a solid 3 tone bangle with copper / vintage silver / gold finish. It is a sold and heeavy bangle. Suitable for men.

8.  This is a solid bangle with 3 tone braided finish with 12 bio magnets. It is a great design for men and women alike.

9.  This is a hammered vintage finish 12 bio or all magnet version. Good for men.

10.  This is a solid 8 mm and weighs 3.1 Oz. Our premium bangle available in vintage copper and vintage silver as well. Suitable for men with a XL wrist size.